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Assured JobCheck Packout Edition

Assured Software is the leader in restoration software since 1997.

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Assured JobCheckTM
Restoration Job Management

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  • achieve your business goals
  • expedite paperwork

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Assured PackOutTM
Contents Inventory Software

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Fire and flood restoration contractors use Assured Software to make the restoration process efficient and provide a fast turnaround for insurance claims.

When faced with fire or water damage, property owners turn to fire and flood restoration services for clean up and repair.
Restoration contractors use Assured Software products to:

  • Plan and schedule the restoration process
  • Inventory the contents of damaged property to be packed out for cleaning and storage
  • Charge for cleaning, repair and restoration work done
  • Prepare documents such as work orders, lists of contents and total loss reports for insurance claims
  • Budget job costs with insurance estimates
  • Meet important job milestones for insurance companies

Assured Software makes it easy for restoration contractors to give great service to the insurance agents, adjusters and property owners who hire them.